Frequently Asked Questions

Must I bring a laptop to the free seminar?

Not at all. If you prefer to take notes by hand instead of on a keyboard, bring a pen or pencil and paper.

Is it okay if I attend the free seminar without having done any preparatory work?

Oh, yes. The seminar will address the college selection, application, and essay writing processes from an introductory point-of-view.

May I ask questions during the free seminar?

Certainly! The seminar will include time for questions and responses.

Will there be time for review and evaluation of essays at the free seminar?

Sorry, but no.

Must I bring a laptop to 1 on 1 coaching sessions?

Absolutely you must. All coaching sessions are conducted through Google Docs.

After I have made an appointment for 1 on 1 coaching, may I change or cancel it?

Of course you may, but you must change or cancel at least three calendar days prior to the originally scheduled appointment.

What happens if I forget to cancel an appointment or fail to show up?

Mistakes happen, we all know that. But if you miss a scheduled appointment, you deprive someone else who may need that time. In that case you will be billed $80, which is half the fee for a normal 60-minute session.