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What We Do

Your college essays offer the unique opportunity to present your best, most authentic self to schools. No wonder, then, that writing them poses the biggest challenge of the application process for most seniors. Converting that challenge into opportunity is what we can do for you, while employing only the best ethical practices.

4 Reasons

You’ve got plenty of options for writing support—teachers and counselors, parents and other family, best friends, local tutorial businesses, online editing services, and independent college counselors. So why the College Essay Clinic? Four reasons, in ascending order:

  1. We are led by a veteran educator, writer, and editor who taught 3000+ students and has coached several hundred Chicagoland high school seniors.
  2. We stay on top of the best ethical practices in college essay writing through national networking and research.
  3. We listen to you intently and question you constructively.
  4. We work with you to extract your authentic writer’s voice and reveal it in all your writing.

Free Seminar

Jump-start your college essay writing before your senior year begins at our annual free seminar. In just sixty minutes, you will gain information, tips, and strategies to boost your confidence and get you focused.


1 on 1 Coaching

Whether applying to a few or a dozen schools, many seniors find personal coaching the best way to plan, draft, revise, and ultimately complete their essays. Each coaching session is tailored to meet a senior’s particular needs. To schedule an appointment, contact the coaches at


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Allan J. Ruter
Winnie Clonts

Winnie Clonts

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